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Better Learning Through Anime

Ever get tired of hearing people bashing anime for being non-educational and juvenile? Of course, anyone who has ever watched a series with a degree of seriousness to it knows better, but your average non-otaku is often prone to thinking that anime is what it looks like on the surface: children's cartoons.

Though Christmas break is still going strong for some of us, a fresh semester of school is on the horizon. With a schedule filled with math, science, literature, and electives, it might be difficult to see how anime fits into the brain-building regimen. Lucky for you, anime can take you to school from the comfort of your favorite sofa, and is twice as enjoyable, too!

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ExCest2576d ago

Oh man, I learned a lot from Moyashimon.

Also, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? taught me about the string theory! (Or some of it, enough to pique my interest enough that I went and read about it.)