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Atelier Ayesha rated by ESRB; listed for Tecmo Koei

The ESRB has given Atelier Ayesha a T rating, which has confirmed a North American release for the title, however the listing also reveals a new piece of information.

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futurefrog3050d ago

Nice i love the atelier franchise

koga883050d ago

What is strange about this though, is the fact that the game is being listed by the ESRB by Tecmo Koei rather than by NIS America like it always has, even after the Gust buy out Meruru was still rated by the ESRB for NIS America. So I'm curious if this means TK may take the series from now on... and if so then that may kinda suck compared to how NIS America is so used to working with these games.

Ryder493050d ago

Sounds like a cool title. Might have to keep an eye on it.

koga883050d ago

Looks like the article has been updated. According to the statement it seems that NIS America is still handling the translation, but Tecmo Koei will be publishing it and handling distribution in North America now as well. May be for the best actually... they'll have more money to throw behind it.

ManDemon3050d ago

Hopefully it'll work out for both companies and the customers.

masterabbott3050d ago

it should work Tecmo are cool they will know what to do with this game and help out NIS America.