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The Best and Most Disappointing Anime of 2012

Last year was excellent for anime. It was truly exciting to run down the list each season and consistently find something notable to watch. There was great action from titles like Jormugand and Fate/Zero. Great romance came from the likes of Ano Natsu de Matteru and Say "I Love You". Fantastic twists all around from Mirai Nikki and Kokoro Connect. Of course there also is those quirky shows that have no definition like Nisemonogatari and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead.

It's truly difficult to choose only one title to best represent what the anime of the year is, so that's why I forced the staff around here to sit down and decide on what their favorite show was this year. Seeing as how this industry lives on the highs and lows, Twinfinite staff have also included the shows that never lived up to their potential.

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tachy0n3300d ago

do Initial D even count on anime sites? '-'

shossofe3300d ago

How many episodes was even released for that show? Was it even considered a show? or a short?

Archaic3299d ago

Didn't even notice that Initial D was on last year, but without going back to check, I expect it was a set of OVA episodes. They've been doing that fairly regularly since about 4th Stage, IIRC.

Ryasha3298d ago

2 episodes a month since November. So...4 were released by years end with another 2 coming this month. It's unknown exactly how long this will go on/how many episodes there will be.