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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Gucci collaboration goes global

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure creator Hirohiko Araki recently created a one-shot manga to celebrate the 90th anniversary of fashion giant Gucci. Araki further collaborated with Gucci on art installments for their Japanese stores as well as the focus of the Tokyo Shinjuku Gucci Exhibition.

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masterabbott2113d ago

Jojo and Gucci ... what the ##$#@#$ is this all about ... i think they've gone too far this time.

futurefrog2113d ago

i agree what a strange combination i dunno what to make of this!

Lavalamp2113d ago

Gucci and Araki have collaborated several times in the past, so this really isn't surprising. Especially considering Araki takes a good chunk of his inspiration from avant garde fashion and fashion magazines all the time.