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Baka and Test Season 2 anime release delayed by FUNimation

Thanks to a labeling issue, FUNimation has recalled and delayed Baka and Test Season 2.

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futurefrog2110d ago

well this is disappointing :(

koga882110d ago

Aw, well mine has already been shipped so if the on-disc things are still the same then I may just contact support to see how long it'll take for them to send a replacement disc. Probably just going to keep it the way it is now.

LinkageAX2110d ago

Errr... Misread title... DAMNNNNNN

masterabbott2110d ago

why do they have to break us down like this by delaying this... so dissapointing.

ManDemon2110d ago

Huh, reminds me of the LEGO LotR games being mislabeled as a Demo Disc. That's twice in just a few months.

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