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Naruto Keeps #1 Spot on Toonami in Week 5

In it’s fifth week, Naruto keeps the #1 spot for viewership on North America’s Toonami block on Cartoon Network.

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iChii2573d ago

I wish Toonami could get good voice actors for One Piece and continue the series on English dubs.

Tho that will probably never happen. Wishful Thinking..

tayz2573d ago

they could air it since One Piece has a dub that comes out on DVD every couple of months. but with Naruto pwning the block, it would be tough for OP to compete!

koga882573d ago

It could be that FUNimation simply wants too much money for the dub license. Also it is worth noting that they only have so many time slots and if they cram all three big shonen shows in there, it will take away from some of the newer shows they actually manage to air and turn off people who aren't big on shonen series. Also as Tayz mentioned, they do have over a hundred fifty episodes they could work with in English right off the bat.

iChii2573d ago

They have English dubs up to Skypea but that's not the issue. The voice actors for OnePiece... Aren't so good.. and changing things like Sanji's cigs to lollipops and Zoro's name to Zolo kinda doesn't motivate.. When I was a kid and watched it I obviously enjoyed it but I want the same old' One Piece I watch with English subs BUT with Good English voice actors.(Like the ones in Death Note or Naruto)

koga882573d ago

@iChii That English dub is from the 4Kids company, not FUNimation. FUNimation's English dub is up to the part where Franky is part of the crew and a little bit past that. 4Kids is the company that made the various video edits to make it as PC as possible and provided the terrible opening song and everything else, the FUNimation version is different and the only current version of One Piece still being dubbed.

kingPoS2573d ago

I haven't head a dubbed Naruto episode since the region 1 dvd's came out years ago. Is Malie Flanagan a good match for Naruto, as I honestly don' know myself. (dub clips are notoriously hard to find)