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CW says Battle Royale remake is not happening

After rumors last July of a Battle Royale remake by The CW, the president of the company has revealed that it’s not happening. Marc Pedowitz confirmed today that his network is not planning a remake of any kind of Koushun Takami’s bloody novel/manga. He says that while they explored the idea in the past, it didn’t go anywhere besides a phone call.

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kingPoS2839d ago

It's makes sense after what happened recently.

D3acon2839d ago

Don't think it needs a remake. The first one was good to me, the second could have been better. I do like the concept.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2839d ago

YEa I dont think kids killing each other is gonna fly right now.

koga882839d ago

Even before the massacre, I don't think this would have set well with the standard basic television viewing audience. The first time any of the kids died would have been enough for most people to either turn off the show or become obsessed with shutting the show down.

MrsBlunder2839d ago

That or, given the fact that the masses aren't as savvy with child-survival games as we are, they'd constantly compare it to Hunger Games, and refer to it as a rip-off, which is an insult.