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Naruto Storm 3 – Tailed Beast Mode Naruto Confirmed (New Scan)

Level 2 also commonly known as Tailed Beast Mode Naruto has been confirmed via a brand new scan!

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tayz2104d ago

epic nosebleed of a lifetime!!!!!

DivineHand1252104d ago

Big spoiler for those who only watch the anime cause you probably won't see this until sometime next year maybe

Adva2104d ago

Everyone knows Neji is dead including shikamaru's dad, and naruto can handout chakara with the help of the 9 nine tails.

tayz2103d ago

lol thats so funny. somebody who doesnt read the manga would scream

Jeenoman2103d ago

Now is a horrible time to 'just' be watching the anime though. People are going to keep dying in this war are spoilers are going to be ALL over the internet.

Fans better start reading lol.