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The Bizarre Case Of The Jojo’s Anime


I hate to say it, but I just ain’t sold on this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime.

I’m a casual Jojo’s observer: I’ve seen Araki’s art around in places, and that’s about it. I’ve been interested in the franchise for a while, but the several-hundred volume monster epic that is the manga has put me off of getting into it, especially because every English translation of it is less than perfect, along with the fact that reading over one-hundred volumes of manga in Japanese is pretty impossible given my current reading level. Basically, I was hoping this anime would be a fine introduction to the franchise, and well… it’s not really doing it for me.

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futurefrog3457d ago

What an horrible article, I should punch you in the face with my Sunlight Yellow OVERRRRDRIIIVVEEEUUUUU

sunnygrg3457d ago

He is just stating his opinion. You cannot make somebody like an anime.

To the author, I suggest you give it some more time. The first generation Jojo isn't the most exciting one; if you don't find yourself hooked by the 3rd generation, then you're probably better off dropping the series.