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First Impressions: Tamako Market | All Fiction


If I were told beforehand this show was gonna have a sassy, perverted bird, I probably would not have guessed this was from KyoAni. And yet, here we are. We don’t know who the heck Dera is or what he’s doing in Japan, but in just the first episode he became a flower ornament, sat on Tamako’s head, peeped in the woman’s changing room of the public bathhouse, slept in the same bed with Mochizou, got fat, and choked on mochi. This bird’s got his work cut out for him. Much of the comedy comes from this bird alone, as it is in almost every scene. Tamako, the titular character, is a sweet girl who’s well known around her block and doesn’t feel like a total ditz. She also makes a great face during some comical scenes, so her character feels refreshing in a way. There wasn’t a lot of time to expand on the characters, but I do like the colorful cast we have, and that includes woman/man Ono Daisuke and Fujiwara Keiji dad. Mochizou feels like the typical male whose love interest is the main character, but I don’t think these males every wore an earring.

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