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AnimeNewsNetwork - Inuyasha - The Final Act - Box Set 1 Bluray - Review

Whether or not InuYasha deserves to be considered a “gateway” or “landmark” title remains debatable, but it was indisputably one of the biggest, best-known, and most successful anime titles of the early-to-mid-2000s in the American market. The end of its run (September 2004 in Japan and October 2006 in the U.S.), after 167 episodes and four movies, left innumerable viewers clamoring angrily since the series ended abruptly, without resolving any of the major long-term (or even immediate!) plot lines, and with a somewhat flippant address to the audience by lead heroine Kagome. Unlike with most series, though, the clamoring for a proper resolution lingered and remained loud enough that in late 2009 Sunrise produced this 26-episode capstone series to give the franchise the proper ending that it deserved. Based on its first 13 episodes, The Final Act is not only headed in the right direction but also successfully revives the careful blending of elements that made the original series such a hit in the first place.

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