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The List - 10 Tearjerkers That'll Empty the Tissue Box

Lynzee Lamb:

The entertainment medium unites audiences by appealing to their core similarities; joy, hardship, family, loneliness, and fears. Looking back on my own personal experiences and how they were reflected in the anime medium over the past 15 years, I've selected ten moments that stood out as emotionally moving to the point of tears. Similar to the previous Alternative Couples list, this countdown is highly subjective. I can only relay moments I've seen and effected me, personally. However, as these emotional moments bind viewers together, I can say with assurance that they might move you, too.

To properly illustrate each selection on this list, it is rife with spoilers. It's best to assume that every included entry contains major plot points.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3454d ago

No Yui's disappearance in Angel Beats?

aridectel3454d ago

and clannad after story ? that death scene was tooo dam sad.