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Otaku Club Returns to Anime in New "Genshiken" Adaptation

Manga magazine Afternoon has revealed that Shimoku Kio's Genshiken will be getting a new anime adaptation. The series follows a college club calling itself The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, grouping a broad passion for anime, manga, games, cosplay and so on.

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Archaic2097d ago

An adaptation of Genshiken Nidaime? Huh, didn't expect to see that.

Remind me, did the original anime ever actually get up to the point of graduation of those 1st generation members? I can't recall exactly how that matched up to the manga chapters.

nadav2096d ago

They did show them graduate in the anime. The only thing the anime left out was that one chapter from the manga that confirmed that Ugiue and Sasahara have started dating.

D3acon2095d ago

Can't wait for this one, I thought the anime was great. It just can't get here fast enough.