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5 Manga Series that NEED to Be Localized [Listanimania]

A countdown of 5 picks for manga series that need to be localized, because they're just too cool for Japan to keep to themselves.

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Yi-Long3447d ago

... to be localized...

...and that's Tekken Chinmi (Ironfist Chinmi).

I know the first 12 books were localized in the UK, but was poorly marketed and only lasted about 12 volumes.

The manga is fantastic, especially for a martial arts geek like me who likes those classic kung fu/adventure tales.

There's also a newer manga where Chinmi is a bit older, but I liked that series a bit less....

gunnerforlife3446d ago

i love Zetman but that manga is way too Raw, i dont think america will let such a manga be localized just because its fucking RAW in most places -.-

indigoignited3446d ago

Have you read Berserk??
That's localized in America and probably much more gnarly.