5 English Language Anime Themes

Though most anime opening and closing themes are sung in Japanese, quite a few series have taken to adopting songs with English lyrics. Western studios have had a history of replacing Japanese language themes with English language adaptations such as with Sailor Moon and Ouran High School Host Club, but lately a handful of Japanese studios have made this replacement unecessary by creating English language originals of their own. Whether they are performed by foreign artists such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure closing theme “Roundabout” by British rock band YES, or by native bilingual Japanese artists such as Wolf's Rain's “Gravity” by Maaya Sakamoto, English tracks put a new twist on anime themes and provide a few simple karaoke options for Western fans of anime.

Here are five of the best English-language anime tracks.

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Yi-Long2559d ago

... is from Lain: Serial Experiments.

Mushishi also had a nice one.

deep_fried_bum_cake2558d ago

"Folk singer Akeboshi studied music and perfected his English in Liverpool"

I think anyone who has ever heard a Scouser will have a wee laugh at that.

My favourite English opening is definitely the Ergo Proxy opening. Kiri by Monoral.

ExCest2558d ago

Oh man. And I skipped the ef opening every time? Shame on me.

Lavalamp2558d ago

Another English theme that comes to mind is Fractale's ED. Hitomi Azuma does a fantastic rendition of Yeats' "Down By the Salley Gardens" that, when juxtaposed with the shot of the rolling green hills, is incredibly atmospheric.

DivineHand1252558d ago

Sad to see gunslinger girl theme not in the list but glad naruto wind is there

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