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North America Gets Dragon Ball Z Manga in Color

Viz Media has announced the Dragon Ball Z manga will be published in color beginning next week on February 4, 2013.

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tayz2548d ago

this is good news and at the same time a lol moment. DBZ is so old, why would anybody want to read the manga when the anime is there!

DarkBlood2548d ago

In case theres an epic battle and the power goes out

tayz2548d ago

lol the manga is digital only so if the power goes out were screwed!

Yi-Long2546d ago

...surely the colored versions will be published in retail at some time...!?

kingrj2547d ago

Kids who never seen dbz will benefit from this. I don't even think it comes on tv anymore

ABizzel12546d ago

It came on Nickeloden now it's DB GT, but it also comes on a local channel now, whichever one plays cartoons on Saturday mornings.

morkendo232546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

re-runs from 90's is on CW CHANNEL 11 @ 10:30am ON SATURDAYS with new theme at the beginning of show. but old rehashed episodes.

what a bummer had me excited for hot minute.