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One Piece Film Z — a vertical slice that hits all the high notes [SGCafe]


You do not need to be an active follower of Eiichirou Oda’s One Piece manga and anime series to have a blast with One Piece Film Z.

Not only does Toei Animation’s latest anime movie introduces amply the franchise’s world and key characters to first-time viewers, but the movie is really about the life story of Zephyr (who calls himself “Z” now, pronounced as “Zed”), a new character who was only recently introduced to the anime series as a lead-in to the self-sufficient film.

Formally a top marine admiral, Z now bears deeply seeded hatred for the Marines. Despite having been a loyalist and trusted comrade in the Marines Corp, for a very sane and logical reason that will be revealed at the 108-minute flick’s halfway point, Z was eventually left disenchanted with the force and chose to leave along with his left and right-hand assistants: Ain and Binz.

Like Zephyr himself, both Ain and Binz are new characters whose powers will be explained shortly after the start of the movie. Ain’s ability (the female character you see in the image below), in particular, poses a peculiar problem to four members of the Straw Hats Pirates crew – Nami, Robin, Chopper, and Brooks – that serves as a running gag throughout the film.

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