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Pop Cults: Sword Art Online Review

Rin "I would recommend Season One of Sword Art Online if you’re looking for an anime with great action and if you’re a fan of romance themes. While romance isn’t the main theme of SOA (at least in Season One), the relationship between Kirito and Asuna was rather enjoyable... As for season two, I personally feel that it ruined a perfectly good series. But I will let you decide for yourselves."

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krazykombatant3442d ago

SOA was great but it lost the thrill and tense feeling of dying in the game. The first ARC could have easily been longer and they could have fleshed out. I'm slightly leaning towards buying the light novels but I already have a back log of books i need to read, adding on top of that that I just finally got around to watching Beserk and I need to decide whether to read that manga too...

CrescentFang3442d ago

Berserk is a great manga... I suggest reading it! I don't know anything about SAO though...

krazykombatant3442d ago

Whilst i've read as much, i can't believe the manga isn't over yet. I'll probably start giving it a read once i know its getting closed to finishing.