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BTOOOM! Ending and Series Recap

Oprainfall writes:

"Okay, so let’s throw out the terrible fan fiction I wrote last time and start back up near the end. Taira sacrificed himself to stop the pain, accepting that getting home is no longer a possibility after turning on Sakamoto and Himiko. Sakamoto blames himself for Taira’s actions and is nearly inconsolable. Himiko offers to sacrifice herself to let Sakamoto go home. And Sakamoto reveals that he knows Himiko from the game."

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koga883442d ago

Well that's just a giant spoiler right there for anyone who hasn't really seen the ending, though I have and already read past the point where it ended. Hopefully they'll do a second season and continue on since it is very faithful to the manga so far, even with the cliffhanger.

CrescentFang3442d ago

That's cool. I'm glad it's been very faithful to the manga. Will definitely pick it up if licensed in the US

koga883442d ago

Actually it is licensed in the US by Yen Press, though they haven't released any of the volumes in English legally yet.