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Naruto #619 "A Clan Possessed by Evil" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

A review of the latest Naruto Chapter, what has been going on in Konoha? Find out!

"This week was quite a good chapter, I really am surprised that they are getting so much content into chapters lately. This chapter again, like last week, doesn’t have any action but it makes up for it this week with the amount of explanation. Once again it has its downs as well. Mainly because they put so much in; they really are forgetting a few things."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3437d ago

THe hokages conversations made me laugh hard. Especially Hashirama.

Simon_Brezhnev3437d ago

Yeah i didnt like how they came back again but at least it was entertaining.

wishingW3L3437d ago

Naruto has become a bunch of badly written nonsense. =/

Simon_Brezhnev3437d ago

I truly believe the fans have strong impact on the story now. Just about every fan favorite came back to life. You know Jiraiya will come back. The dead cant rest in peace. lol

auen13437d ago

this one was painful to read. the first and second hokage were being complete neanderthals.