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Anime of the Past: Tenchi Muyo in Love

Oprainfall writes:

"When it comes to anime of the 1990s, no discussion is complete without mention of Tenchi Muyo. A franchise that has spanned across OVAs, television, and feature films with multiple continuities between them, there’s a lot of ground to cover when discussing it. It also sits among the earliest and best examples of the harem comedy subgenre, coming from a time when such a subgenre wasn’t quite so ubiquitous in the medium. And while a discussion for the wider spectrum of Tenchi Muyo could be in store for another day, let’s focus for now on the first Tenchi theatrical production; the 1996 feature film Tenchi Muyo in Love."

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sporge19892711d ago

A friend recommended this anime to me and when I saw it I loved it

highlordviper2711d ago

Its like the anime version of star wars with a harem

kingPoS2711d ago

[Wheeew]... dust goes flying (looks fondly at Tenchi movie trilogy) It's Vintage time baby!