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Celebrating 10 Years of Gaia Online

Richard "Gaia Online is ten years old. My word, I remember signing up for the site about a month after it went live. There’s no way it can be that old. There’s no way it’s been that long. Bloody hell! I remember when it was all new and exciting. HA! I still remember when it was known as Go-Gaia. (I forgot when they switched from Go-Gaia to Gaia Online.) Hell, I would go on there every day, several times a day, in fact, and just peruse around the different forums and in-site shops for you to adorn your avatar with. I still remember the first time I logged on and the goofy handle I chose for myself on the site, N.I.L.8. Get it? … Yeah, it wasn’t the best username, but it is what I went with. Eventually, as I started RPing (role-playing) with others on the site, I settled upon a name that both described my character and the kind of RPs I was into: Strange Visitor, and I still use it to this day."

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