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Manga Entertainment to Release One Piece

Manga Entertainment has confirmed in its latest podcast that it will release the first 103 episodes of the epic pirate anime One Piece on DVD in 2013. Manga plans to release 103 episodes in four sets each year.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3434d ago

Great for UK fans they get to own an amazing series.

AznGaara3434d ago

Agreed. I don't know why One Piece hasn't taken over the rest of the world like it did Japan but hopefully it'll get there. Great series and to think we're only half way through!

Archaic3433d ago

Presumably the failure of One Piece in international markets has a lot to do with the initial poor dub?

Saviior953434d ago

Finally we will be able to purchase the most successful series of all-time, hopefully at a good price too!