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Top 5 Greatest Miyazaki Movies

AlexEL ''Well, faithful Vice-squad, this week we're throwing caution to the wind, spitting in the face of common sense and doing the impossible... we're ranking the best of Miyazaki's movies!

One of the great things about this man’s filmography is that it speaks to everyone a bit differently. Ask any one of your nerdy friends, and they’ll all be sure to have completely different opinions about its highs and lows.

So, while I’m usually pretty confident in my choices for the TOP 5, this week, though, I'm welcoming dissenting opinions. For once, you may actually be right when you inevitably disagree with me!''

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Simon_Brezhnev2528d ago

Love the list since Lupin III is number 1.

Archaic2528d ago

I think that was probably the first full length anime movie I ever saw as a child. The first one I ever saw subtitled too for that matter.

Simon_Brezhnev2528d ago

Lupin III is my all time favorite comedy series. My first animated movie is First of the North Star and Ninja Scroll thats what really got me into anime.