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Review: Sankarea [East Meets West Entertainment]

Just take a second to picture this situation. You are teenage boy with a deep obsession with zombies, you wish to have a zombie girlfriend. One day the most popular girl from a all girls high school becomes a zombie, it becomes your job to ensure her safety and survival. What would you think? What would you do? Well apart from thinking what the hell is going on, or doing things that should not be done, you would general try to do whats right and Sankarea follows the main character as he is faced with these questions.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2530d ago

I really liked this anime. The only thing that it is missing is a second season. They shouldn't have made an anime with the manga not having progressed far enough.

Archaic2530d ago

Could be worse. Though I haven't actually seen the anime, I've heard they at least didn't butcher it by doing an anime original storyline and ending, as numerous anime have done in the past. At least leaving it open to the possibility of a second season means the complete story might get animated one day.

It does raise the question though of why so many things do get animated so early. It's one thing when it's a shounen series that you expect to have a lot of anime original plotlines anyway, but for anything else you either get a show with wrecked continuity, or a show that feels half done.

deep_fried_bum_cake2530d ago

You're right, and I do really hope that that second season comes.

The reason they get animated so early is simply down to popularity. At some point people decide that the sort of idiot who want an anime when there clearly isn't enough story, should be kept satisfied.

The possibility of money earned on the current popularity of something seems to be though of as more important than the possibility of making a good and complete anime series.

Bad endings are the reason why I never bothered to watch Soul Eater or Claymore after I started reading their manga. Both meant to be fantastic anime (and they certainly are good manga) but with endings that are complete turds.

I feel that they shouldn't bother making shows based on a monthly manga until that manga is finished.