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The Three Top Trading Card Games:Why Is Yu-Gi-Oh Off It’s Game As Of Late?

"It has been for quiet a while now that trading card games have become a part of the daily lives of many people whether they are avid players, casual players, tournament players, or they just played the game as kids after seeing the anime series of it on tv or in commercials, and our now closet players hiding there love for the game due the pressure put on them by society. If you are reading this article and deny that you ever played card games or even got the urge to try, you are the biggest liar to have ever walked the earth! Another thing that has happened is that The game and strategies of card games have evolved over the past years! With new arch types, abilities, spells , and deck builds. In This article I will mention today’s Top 3 card games and the One Card game though loved by most including myself is slowly losing its luster as well as many players."

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