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Ao no Exorcist Review [ThePantlessAnimeBlogger]

The anime is about Rin Okumura. He is a problem child who always gets in trouble. Despite the purest of intentions, the guy’s short temper always gets the best of him. He always wishes that he was like his twin brother who is smart and straight laced. His father loves his rough side though and loves him equally despite his violent nature. His life was turned upside down one evening though when he discovered that he was the son of Satan born of a human mother. Satan wanted his son back but Rin’s father is willing to fight to the death to protect his son. Rin soon lost his father and now wants retribution.

He decided to seek the help of his father’s comrade to exact his revenge. He decided the only way to become strong enough to kick Satan’s ass was to become an Exorcist. They are people who beat up demons who cause trouble on Earth. Things a bit complicated though when the son of Satan wants to become part of a group that dedicates their life to eradicating Satan’s spawn. Rin is stubborn though and he is willing to take any hurdle head on.

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