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Why Naruto will become the next sage of six paths

"I dare say it as a big fan of Naruto. For the longest time I believe that the creators of Naruto have made it too obvious my friends. Naruto will become the sage of six paths. I think everyone that is a fan of Naruto knows this more than anything. Yes the blonde hair ninja is destine for great things I mean his father is a former hokage, much like Jaden Smith is the son of hollywood superstar Will Smith. Naruto inherit success that his father left behind. After hearing the tale of the sage of six paths that is supposedly a myth in the Naruto world, I knew that the loud mouth ninja was destine to take his place and here is why."

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DivineHand1252556d ago

I have some issues with the assumptions made in this article. When was it revealed that Naruto is Senju or even has Senju in him? Wasn't he from the Uzumaki Clan and the only reason the Uzumaki clan members was in the village was because by tradition, they must be the Kyuubi Jinjuriki. Also when was it revealed that the Sage of Six Path's wife was a member of the Hyuga Clan?
Next thing is that I doubt Sasuke will become the next Madara since I don't think they would waste time revealing the secrets of the Hidden Leaf to him in vain.

Simon_Brezhnev2555d ago

I doubt he will be the next Madara too. Either way if it comes a time Naruto must kill him he wont. Thats why i like earlier and older shounen they dont have a problem killing.

Prev2549d ago

Well, read the dialog from the first meeting between Tobi and Naruto, that is where the real new chapter begins!