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‘Dokidoki! Precure’ Japanese DVD/Blu-ray Anime Releases Scheduled

The latest series from Toei Animation in Japan, Dokidoki! Precure debuted on February 3rd, 2013 and is now getting a set schedule for its home video release. While a lot of shows start off quickly from airdate to home video in order to capitalize on any potential popularity, Toei is setting a longer schedule for this release as the series is set for some 49 episodes. The show will be done in sets of twelve (with the fourth set having thirteen episodes) where each set will run you 24,150 yen each on Blu-ray. The series is getting a DVD release as well which will be done across sixteen volumes for 3,990 yen each and will have three episodes per disc, with the sixteenth disc having four. Only one date has been set for the DVD run but all the dates have been set for the Blu-ray sets.

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