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Naruto Storm 3: Madara Moveset, Final Roster Revealed!

YOOOOOSHAAAA!! Saiyan Island’s Yokito85 had predicted the Naruto Storm 3 roster earlier this week and he was practically correct as the final roster has been revealed thanks to trander96! It features Madara and a whole bunch of your favorites from the Naruto series! Speaking of Madara, his moveset has been revealed too! Hope you enjoy!!

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tayz2516d ago

HOLY FREAKING MOTHER OF JKAfdjkadjkahndjkasjkdn!!!

*epic nose bleed of a lifetime with rainbows coming out of mouth and jizzing everywhere at a rate of 100 MPH*

Simon_Brezhnev2516d ago

This probably the happiest day of your life. You know online everybody is going to use Madara, 4th, Itachi, and Naruto latest form.

tayz2515d ago

hahahha your sooo right! almost.. i just need the game that will be the happiest. i am rdy for an all nighter no jutsu!!