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Is Magi The Labyrinth of Magic Fulfilling Guilty Crown’s Legacy?

Ace Railgun: ''It’s glaringly obvious if you actually consider it for even a second. Magi The Labyrinth of Magic is telling us a similar if not the same story to Guilty Crown but in a very different way. Forget Aladdin for a moment and consider Alibaba’s actions as well as his growth through the series (I’ve only watch 14 episodes by the way) Alibaba and Shu are both exposed to situations much grander then themselves and certainly way out of their leagues; Higher then anything they ever hoped to achieve. Much like Shu obtaining the power to control Void without much actual effort Alibaba obtains the power of the djinn with the assistance of a power greater than himself.''

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gaffyh3413d ago

You just described almost every Shounen anime. They all have a young boy who has power thrust upon him, and slowly they come to understand that power. It is nothing like Guilty Crown.

SilverCrow3412d ago

Thank you gaffyh. Don't compare MAGI with Guilty crown lol, MAGI is on a different league.

Simon_Brezhnev3412d ago

I know right i hate Guilty Crown. If the guy read the manga its even better than the anime. Shu is one of the most cowardice characters in anime. Aladdin aint a coward he is just ignorant of the world.