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Fairy Tail #321 “Laxus vs Jura” – Review - The Nerd Cabinet

"This week we are one chapter away from finishing possibly the biggest battles in Fairy Tail to date, next week will be a 36 page chapter to conclude the Daimatou Enbu, I wonder where we will go from there? This week is more focused on Laxus vs Jura but it does not fail to bring the spirit of the rest of the Fairy Tail team up! We will see Fairy Tails final stand to win the Daimatou Enbu, but is that what really matters at the moment? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with the Eclipse Gate?"

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2515d ago

I cant believe she was holding back the entire time.

Saviior952515d ago

It was quite a shock to the system if you ask me, but hey, thats the Fairy Tail Guild for you!

despair2514d ago

These guys are monsters and laxus is just a whole new level. When he starts imitating/quoting Natsu things get epic. But no one can test erza for endurance, not from the first time we saw her and not now.

alexZdR2509d ago

I believe Minerva's magic is not Spacial magic because how it seems she uses it. I believe it's more of a summon magic where she has to use an object connected to the person in order to deliver her magic to their proximity. For example: In the fight versus Lucy she took her keys but before all that it was pretty much all melee. When her keys were in her hand she started to deliver hit magic to Lucy.

This is same with Erza. First think Minerva did before attacking Erza was picking up Erza's sword and severally injuring the Mermaid girl. After that, she started that magic against Erza.

In this recent chapter Erza says she figured it out and was instantaneously in front of Minerva. This suggest to me Erza, though fast but not light speed fast, used her Equip magic in connection to Minerva's Summoning magic.

I do not feel right to call it Spacial magic because all we know it can be called Realm magic, and that Spacial is independently mustered instead of having a physical object in connection with said target like some Voodoo doll.

Just my 2 cents ><