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After A Tease Like This, Square Enix Had Sure As Hell Better Release Bravely Default In The West

Jason Schreier: ''Japanese developer/publisher/dream-ruin er Square Enix has become rather infamous for launching teasers and countdown clocks that get fans' hopes wayyy up, only to crush them later. Social games without music. Mobile games that only exist to take your money. That sort of thing.

So when I saw this message on the official Twitter account for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, the 3DS role-playing game that Square has yet to announce for release in North America, I couldn't help but get nervous.''

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SynGamer3412d ago

REALLY hope this game makes it to NA. This is the first 3DS game that actually looks interesting to me.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3412d ago

3DS has a very strong line up.

SynGamer3411d ago

I'm just not a fan of Nintendo, I'll fully admit it. The 3DS is barely an upgrade compared to the DS. That said, Bravely Default looks quite interesting. Now, would what be REALLY great is if SE brought this game to the PS Vita ;) I absolutely love the 5" OLED screen.

Xof3411d ago

What, because of the fanserice?

Be a gamer: pay attention to the games. The 3DS is rapildy accumulating a very diverse library of excellent titles. If this is the first game that's caught your eye, that doesn't say one damned thing about the 3DS--it says something about where you've been looking, and more importantly, what you haven't seen.

Chevalier3411d ago

No, not because of fanservice, but, because it's developer is the one that did 3D Dot heroes, the director of the ds Final Fantasy III/ IV /IV Heroes of Light and the writer is a well known because they wrote the story for Steins Gate.

SynGamer3411d ago

For the record, my very first console was the original Nintendo. That said, I simply don't like what Nintendo have done with the 3DS XL. The lack of a true second analog stick immediately turns me off. Then there's the fact that maybe a handful of games comes out on the system that remotely interest me. I chose to spend my money on a platform that will provide more choices for games (Vita + PSN/PSP games) overall.

fr0sty3411d ago

Bravely Default? Another Japanese game with a completely nonsense name. It's as if they toss english words into a barrel and pick them out at random to name their games.

Lavalamp3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

I think there's a chance based on recent rumblings. Heck, maybe this is 8-4's major project they've been talking about recently. But unforeseen circumstances have gotten in the way before, though, so I'm hesitant to be completely confident.