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This Is About As Close To The Original Final Fantasy As You Can Get Today

Jason Schreier: ''When I was a young whelp, back when my writing career involved pictures of dragons and a black-and-white spiral notebook, I spent a lot of time playing the first Final Fantasy.

It was one of the toughest games I owned, and I loved it not just because it was pretty, and engrossing, and creative, but because it forced me to think about how to use the resources that were at my disposal.

Looking back almost 26 years later, what's interesting about the original Final Fantasy is that it's nothing like any of the others. Future Final Fantasys would emphasize storytelling over dungeon-diving, party narrative over party management. Even the second and third games, while challenging, were less about managing resources and more about figuring out which spell to spam against each boss.

But not to worry. If you miss that old-fashioned dungeon crawling, there's a brand new option that might be as close to Final Fantasy as you can get today: Etrian Odyssey.''

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Xof3251d ago

No. Just, no.


Etrian Odyssey is very clearly (and deliberately) constructed on the Wizardry model. It has very little in common with the first Final Fantasy game, or any of the others.