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Interview with Hanabee CEO Eric Cherry on the Future of Anime

Luke Halliday writes:

"The Australian Anime Industry is currently going through a period of great growth. Last year a new company joined the fray down under in the form of Hanabee. Since beginning operations they have made quite an impact on the community and industry. I recently got a chance to conduct an interview with CEO of Hanabee, Eric Cherry in order to get his thoughts on the state of the industry and its future."

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LinkageAX3146d ago

Hanabee are awesome. Best new startup in aus, IMO.

futurefrog3146d ago

they licensed Kids of the Slope <3

koga883146d ago

So from the looks of this, they are going to start releasing manga in some form in Australia? If so then that is probably a good step for them if they can pick up some of the bigger licenses.

futurefrog3146d ago

I really hope so, right no madman is the only one who does and the problem is they only just distribute viz manga not make their own one