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After Over 13 Years, Ash’s Charizard Returns to the Pokémon Anime

Ash's Charizard is back. That's right, because tonight on Pokémon: Best Wishes!, Pocket Monster trainer Ash once again got his Charizard.

Fans of the anime will know that this Charizard is the fifth Pokémon Ash nabbed, and tonight's episode, told partly in flashbacks, gave the Pocket Monster's backstory.

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koga883407d ago

Sad thing is, at this point if Pokemon actually followed any rules from the games Charizard should be so under powered or redundant it wouldn't matter, but hey least they wrapped up that loose end. Maybe if Ash would stop giving his pokemon away like candy he'd actually become a "master".

DivineHand1253407d ago

The game is very limited because it doesn't take into consideration the size and weight of the Pokemon as well as environmental conditions or physics.
Also I think the reason they keep letting him change out his roster is because they want to both make people interested in the new starters for the upcoming games and entertain the female viewers since they tend to like things that are cute and males wouldn't mind too much as long as they do something cool.

ABizzel13406d ago


He was left in the Day Care :D, and Ash has done a LOT of walking.

Archaic3407d ago

Personally, I was more excited about the fact that the Magikarp Salesman made a cameo in the background. If you listened closely, he even had a couple of lines!

deep_fried_bum_cake3406d ago

He's not the worst, he just sucks at making progress towards his goal of being the very best.

GenericNameHere3407d ago

I'm not asking for links, but where can I watch (stream, not download) these episodes? I've looked and looked, but all I get is the first few seasons, never the newer ones :(

Btw, title is a lie. Charizard showed up when Ash was fighting the Rental Battle Frontier guy, and maybe another one after (and I also remember him showing up after that, but I don't remember when).

3407d ago
abc12333406d ago

It's not really a lie since this time it'll apparently become a regular on the show

GenericNameHere3406d ago

Ash's Charizard is gonna be a REGULAR again?? Is this a rumor? If not, WOW!! This is exciting stuff! :D

abc12333406d ago

"In this latest episode, Ash's Charizard is returning as a regular character on Pokémon: Best Wishes!. So you can see the character on a weekly basis starting next week!"

It's in the article

Archaic3406d ago

There is no legal stream of these episodes available online.

Deku-Johnny3406d ago

This is great news. Charizard is the best Pokemon Ash ever had.

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