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“Kimi No Iru Machi” TV Anime Confirmed

Original manga turned silly romance OVA now becomes an anime series by Gonzo – “Kimi no Iru Machi“, a tale of confused teenagers who can’t keep their hands and tongues in one place, is not over yet apparently.

The manga has a relatively well-sized following, although regardless of whatever whimsical drawings may bring to the table, if the anime series is anything like the OVA, it will be an anime that is frankly not worth watching. The OVA sloppily presented an immature love story where the characters seemed quick to chase any opposite gender opportunities to come at them, and then, still struggle for “true love” as if they have any. Setting that all aside however, Gonzo is a reputable studio – thus perhaps something positive will come of this.

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Saviior953407d ago

Quite excited for this!

Hopefully it doesn't flop like Suzuka's anime, and why the hell are they covering the Tokyo Arc and not the Hiroshima Arc

koga883407d ago

Mmm, I was really into the manga for the longest time but now it is literally going nowhere. As much as I enjoy things, it seems that the only reason the author hasn't ended it yet is so that they can throw in another romance twist. Just end it already.