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The Beauty of Sisterly Love: Five Great Big Sister Characters

Usny: ''If you have looked at any anime season preview chart from the last few years, you may have noticed that there seems to be a new imouto show just about every season. While it’s easy to attribute this to the creepy, incestuous tendencies of the Japanese anime audience as well as the equally creepy presumptions of the industry itself, I’m not here to discuss this disappointing development. There is a much more ominous problem posed by Japan’s obsession with little sisters, and that is the negligence of older sisters.

I am not a proponent of fetishizing “ane” characters, mind you, I just find it tragic to see such a glorious character type drown in the sea of siscon anime that threatens to become Japan’s primary source of revenue. Older sisters in anime play a rich variety of roles and can be utterly amazing characters. So, in an effort to proliferate ane appreciation, below are five of my personal favorite anime onee-sans. Most are actual older sisters, but two of them are not, in a strict sense. Instead, the dynamics they share with other characters are akin to that of an older sister looking out and caring for her siblings. Note that these are not necessarily in a specific order, except for my #1.''

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