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Bleach Live Action Movie Cast:Whom Do You Think Suits The Role’s Of The Soul Reapers?

"It has been announced and confirmed that Warner Bros. Studios will be doing live action movie of the popular hit Manga and Anime series Bleach. Now just from the sound of Bleach and Warner Bro.s studios in the same sentence can fill a fans anticipation with hopes of promising movie that pays proper respect to the original source material which is Manga. At the same time hearing these names in the same sentence can make a true bleach fan say “Oh my God and American film production studio has picked up my favorite anime and butcher it with a bad live action movie like DragonballZ evolution No!” Well Bleach fans we are here to tell you that you can relax for Warner Bros. Studios has appointed a producer and screen writer who agreed to treat the film with the proper creative respect of the original Manga. Screen Writer Dan Mazeu who has worked on films such as “Wrath of The Titans” and producer Peter Seagal who are both fans of the question that’s on the minds of all the fans r...

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ZeroChaos3404d ago

To be perfectly honest I don't think you should jump the the Gotei 13 so quickly. I think you should focus on the main 4, and human side characters.

256bit3404d ago

the 1st film should focus on rukia and ichigo. if the film is a succusses then they should focus the 2nd on rukias capture and ichigos invasion on soul society.

ZeroChaos3404d ago

Agreed. Personally I think they should follow the series (touch on icihgo's mom, show some cases of spirits and such, and end it with the menos grande appearing with Uyru/Icihgo battle). The ending for the film could show Renji locating Rukia.

1Victor3404d ago

WTF john sena as kempachi? o.0 Noooooooooooo. who in their right state of mind would think of that disaster as a good idea

networkandy3403d ago

At least they got someone good for Shunsui Kyoraku Hugh Jackman

Simon_Brezhnev3404d ago

Since this is hollywood and some director got to put his stamp on it. They will change everything dramatically. The only people that should be asian in the movie is Rukia and her brother.

networkandy3403d ago

Well They had a sit down meeting with Tite Kubo and they agreed to be completly respectful to original Manga they even said DragonballZ evolution sucked