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4chan Is Making Its Own Pokémon Game, Looks Pretty Good So Far

Members of 4chan's /vp/ board are teaming up to make their own Pokémon game. Because how often do you get a Pocket Monster trainer named "Doucherado"? Not often enough!

So far, there's a lot of concept art, a finished Pokédex, and sprites—all of which look quite impressive. Over on Reddit, Redditor Atheism4tw linked the game's Wiki as well as the playable demo.

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wishingW3L2513d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

wow. I never thought that achieving the quality of a Pokemon game was this easy. I mean, this fan-made game could actually pass for a real Pokemon game!

And to be honest, their Pokemons looks so much better than the real deal it's sad.

admiralvic2512d ago

I don't see what's sad about it, since it's most likely made by fans for fans, so it should make fans happy. Also fan made projects don't have to deal with getting approval for things, marketing stuff and things of this nature. It's hard to be creative / awesome, when someone in a suit tells you what sells and what doesn't, which is pretty much a "do this" message.

koga882512d ago

Nintendo uses Cease and Desist. It is super effective!

ApolloTheBoss2512d ago

That Baboon one looks badass.

slimy the g8ter2512d ago

lawsuit incoming in 3......2.....1....*Boom*cease and decist

Trunkz Jr2512d ago

Gamefreaks should steal some of their ideas for Pokemon they are actually pretty good, I mean seriously... Trubbish? Really?

Qrphe2512d ago

As long as they're not profiting from it there won't be one. Moving a lawsuit forward would probably have the opposite effect, it'd make those involved even more motivated and advertise the game itself, most likely bringing even more people into the project.

To be honest, most of these designs look a lot better than what we've gotten in the last two Gens.

Archaic2509d ago

Not profiting didn't stop several other lawsuits in the past. The real question will be if they're using any copyrighted aspects of the games.

-Gespenst-2512d ago

They could Probably avoid a C&D if they just called it something else other than pokemon, as well as changing anything with "Poke" in it.

That weird bird with the runed stone wrapping around it looks a little too much like some naffly designed thing out of league of Legends or WoW, but the rest actually look pretty great. Some of them take A LOT of cues from already designed pokemon though.

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