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“High School DxD” New Characters & Seiyuus

With a second season pending debut, High School DxD has confirmed new characters to come, alongside of course, additional voice acting to play their roles – Maaya Uchida, Risa Taneda, and Yamazaki Haruka.

As it’s only some petty side-characters getting added to the series, the selected seiyuus aren’t too established – but instead, relatively more recent and uprising. However, it is worth bringing attention to Maaya Uchida – a seiyuu who all should know as the voice of the cutest creature in the universe, GJ-bu’s carrot-headed loli heroine, Amatsuka Mao. While High School DxD doesn’t shine on the quality scale, it does have some attractive female characters – and that spells a promising future for these unfortunate voice actresses

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koga882704d ago

Mmm, I dislike how the site didn't even provide the names of the "new" characters or say who will even be voicing who. The blue haired girl is Xenovia, Irina is the twin-tail brunette and it looks like they didn't show Gasper in there. Doesn't seem like they'll get far enough to introduce Rossweisse either.

Simon_Brezhnev2703d ago

I really they dont censor it. Is there any new anime that is uncensored on TV now? Either way I'm looking foward to the show this one of my favorite harems.

koga882702d ago

Mmm, they may censor it but I don't think so. AT-X will probably keep it uncensored since they showed Queen's Blade normally. Then again... To Love Ru Darkness was censored on every channel...

Simon_Brezhnev2702d ago

True but i cant even remember the last uncensored show. Wasn't it some type of law in Japan recently. I can't really remember. I think High School DxD was the last uncensored anime on tv.