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Atelier Totori Plus released in English on the PlayStation Store; Dual-Audio included

Atelier Totori Plus has been released in English out of nowhere onto the PlayStation Store.

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koga883606d ago

Woah, what? I mean this is good news and all but I can't believe they didn't even announce that they were going to release it in the West. Good to see it has dual-audio though for fans.

anime_swag_pro3606d ago

This could be easily missed by people who follow the franchise casually. It is a real shame.

masterabbott3605d ago

i know when did this come out! its like it came out of nowhere!

frjoethesecond3605d ago

Anyone know if the Japanese audio is using a dubtitle or has it's own subtitles? I'm sick of dubtitles in games.

I wasn't able to play the EU version of Zero Escape on VITA because it had no dub and used a dubtitle for the Japanese audio. Similarly I wanted to play Ni no Kuni in Japanese but couldn't because of the dubtitle.