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Neon Alley and Why I’ll Probably Never Bother With It

Mrs Blunder: ''When it comes to streaming anime, fans don’t have a lot of options – at least, not legal ones and me? I’m guilty to a fault. I’m the sort of person that if I have a bad thought about someone, even one that is founded, I feel horrible. (In fact, I’ve cried over it before.) If I tell someone the wrong thing, I’m constantly hitting myself in the head for it. If I see someone pay more than something is worth, I feel bad on the behalf of the person ripping them off – and, in the case of Neon Alley, that just about sums up my feelings.''

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koga882063d ago

Eh, it's not horrible. Sure the ads are annoying but they are usually focused on an anime type release or manga from Viz and they are usually short. It works well as something you just leave on like a normal television channel. However it does need to have at least some sort of feature to either record or pull up episodes you may have missed.

MrsBlunder2062d ago

In that aspect, I can agree. But then, I rarely use the tv for anything non-demand.xD