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5 Anime That Should Be On Toonami

Marcell: ''With the new Toonami up and running they added even more shows to the line-up: the Tenchi Muyo spin off Tenchi Muyo GXP, the returning Naruto, and the action packed anime Soul Eater. On their birthday episode a couple of days ago the premiered Evangelion 1.11 (which is a movie remake of one of the most prolific, depressing, & confusing anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion). They even recently announced that they would be re-showing the hard hitting, fast & furious pirate anime One Piece.

Now with all this going for them… I still have some suggestions for anime for Toonami. Because despite all these shows on the block they haven’t shown a new anime since Deadman Wonderland ended a few months ago. I have compiled a top 5 list of what anime I think would be best on the new Toonami.''

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celestialwizard8893392d ago

I think FAIRY TAIL should be brought

DEATHxTHExKIDx3392d ago

it should get HxH and Btoom!

ExCest3392d ago

I don't think they should put SAO because SPOILER: (sort of) the rape-ish scene.

T&B and Blue Exorcist would be great there.

Tony-Red-Grave3391d ago

Bleach hell chapter?
yu yu hakshu.... that'd make me cry
.hack series
gundam00 or unicorn
Accel World(its being dubbed anyway)

NastyDaddeh3391d ago

if they can bring back Naruto they should also bring back DBZ n Mobile suit gundam