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MangaGamer to Implement New Always On DRM

MangaGamer has announced they will adopt a new DRM system.

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koga882502d ago

While terrible in a way, probably one of the main reason most visual novels and eroge aren't brought over is due to the fact that they are cracked and made piratable very quickly. I remember one game was cracked and put online for download before the company even officially released it because their physical copies were sent before the digital ones. It's a completely different beast to pirate a game from Ubisoft or something, but these titles are often placed online illegally only a couple of days after release, so if this does drive more eroge and everything to be released in English due to higher sales, I'm all for it.

frjoethesecond2501d ago

Same. The current DRM is just an annoyance for people who bought the games legitimately.