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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Goku vs Bills Commercials

Super Saiyan 2 Goku takes on Bills in a fierce commercial.

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tayz3391d ago

lol at dbz logic. SS3 is easily beaten by bills but SS2 puts up a fight

Simon_Brezhnev3391d ago

lmao your right. So are they going to have a series movies?

DarkBlood3391d ago

for all we know this could be a form he *MAJOR POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*

chooses for tapping into all of his saiyan levels since he knows what ssg power feels like


tayz3391d ago

wait what!? does he go super saiyan 3 god at the end of the movie? i haven't seen it and didn't read the spoilers cause i want to see the movie, but i must know this!!!???

DarkBlood3390d ago

i seen the trailers so far since you havent seen it im going to reccomend as a fan of dbz that you not look at it to have that awesome moment for when you do see the movie in its entirely, i already cant wait to see it my self based on what i seen

ps. goku says something great about vegeta that will shock you i bet *if its true and actually happens that is*

kingrj3390d ago

Is goku a super saiyan 2 god? Or is that not possible yet

Bahpomet---3390d ago

sheeet this nger goes ss2 false god ive seen the movie the red head is ss3 gd

nick3093390d ago

I wonder if anyone will upload this online and sub it :O

GenericNameHere3390d ago

Lol it would be funny if in this movie, SSJG is featured. Then in the sequel, SSJ2G is featured. And lastly, the last of the Battle of Gods saga movies will feature SSJ3G :D