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Freezing getting a second anime season

A second season has been announced for clothes-shredding manga FREEZING.

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LinkageAX3390d ago

That is a really awkward looking panty shot in the pic.

wishingW3L3390d ago

that's Freezing for you and it only gets worse. This is what modern anime is all about.

TheHergulaX3389d ago

Most anime that have fan service are actually incredibly good, if they do not ONLY focus on fan service. "High School of The Dead" is a perfect example, while tons of fan service and then some, is shown, the anime still has its value and plot on point without letting some nudity, stray too far from the actual premise.

koga883390d ago

It's certainly surprising that this is getting a second season after so much time has passed. Usually if something doesn't get a sequel within a year or two, you shouldn't expect one at all. Good news I suppose but I thought for sure that we weren't going to be seeing more of this fan-service filled show.

Simon_Brezhnev3389d ago

Yeah i didnt think this was getting a sequel. I heard the anime ending was way different from the manga.

TheHergulaX3389d ago

Im not surprised, it was kick-ass!