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New Jynx Evolution Revealed?

An interesting image has made its way online at a Japanese fan-site for Pokemon X and Y revealing a supposed evolution for classic Pokemon Jynx. Could this be real?

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masterabbott3387d ago

it looks so real. i have to believe it.. i can read the japanese hiragana and katakana and it looks legit.. but i think many people are going to say it's fake.. oh well i personally wish its real.

Ryder493387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Blah! That Jynx evolution is a bit on the freaky side, although I guess Jynx himself has always wandered that line a tad.

Looks pretty legit to me actually, either that or an incredibly dedicated fan made it up. Either way, nice to see they might be expanding on some of the already existing characters rather than simply making new ones constantly.

Blasphemy I know!