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Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 Recap: 3 on 3

A showdown, a trap, and a hitch: Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 73 sees Gon, Killua, & Bisuke fight Genthru's group - but Gon delays the plan.

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Bluefirebreath3382d ago

one of my favorite animes :)

Saviior953382d ago

I am going to ask one simple question which needs a detailed answer...

What is so good about Hunter x Hunter?

I have seen a lot of anime in my time and this one hasn't appeared on my list. Is it funny? Good story? Help me out...

Simon_Brezhnev3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Good story and action. I always liked it more than Naruto. The main character may lack common sense but thats because he grew up alone. You have to see it. I even saw the 1999 version. When you watch it your going to see a lot of stuff that reminds you of Naruto. Not as in the main character more like Naruto copies.

If you liked Yu Yu Hakusho you will like Hunter x Hunter. Since its by the same author. They both kind of got 4 main characters.