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Watashi wa bucho!! - Shin Sekai Yori review

Watashi wa bucho!! writes:

"The strongest aspect of SSY was definitely its story. Well, less its story, more the themes it incorporated into it! It frequently used its characters’ actions to make comments on human nature, comments like: humans are evil, if we’re given weapons, we will definitely use them because of this, fear of our destruction will lead to our destruction, etc.

And because none of this was said outright, discovering them provided me with a certain satisfaction!!"

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deep_fried_bum_cake3382d ago

I agree with this in that I think the character were the weakest point, and I also didn't engage with them fully (besides maybe Saki), but I disagree on the point of an elaboration being needed over Satoru's changing between being a child and an adult.

It's called maturing, it happens to everyone. It would be strange if he had stayed with the same sort of personality he had as a child/teenager.

Overall this series is a 9 for me. Yeah, the characters were weak but the story was really quite strong and I loved the build up to the end.